Stump Removal Melbourne

Leaving old stumps in your backyard is unsightly and also creates inconvenient holes that give you the tiring labour of filling yourself. Our professional arborist team can help remove and grind up these stumps for you. Ground stumps can be transformed into mulch that can be put to good use in your garden for your flowers, trees, or vegetables. A ground-up stump can create a significant amount of mulch that will be helpful to your garden’s health.

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Here at Ants Treeworks, we pride ourselves on being a friendly, approachable team. We’re also qualified arborists, which sets us apart from your run-of-the-mill stump removal experts. Whether you are looking for tree removal Dandenong services or tree removal Frankston services, we will be able to assist and offer a free quote. We understand each job is unique, so we deliver personalised solutions that work for you.

Our expertise in tree biology and health means that not only are we efficient, we also know our stuff when it comes to trees. Choosing Ants Treeworks for your stump removal Melbourne services means you know you’ll get a job well done. We’ll also clean up your yard after we’re done, leaving behind a yard free of not only ugly stumps, but also an unwanted mess.

“Anthony was punctual, very prompt and efficient and did a great job. I was very happy and satisfied with the work. Highly recommend!”
– Brian M.

Our Range of Tree Services

Ant and the team at Ants Treeworks are proud to present stump removal Melbourne services as well a full range of arborist services. We’ll give you the best results with a personal touch, no matter what your needs are. We offer:

All of our services are performed to the highest standards of quality services as well as cleanliness.


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Our expert team at Ants Treeworks are here to assist with all your best stump removal Melbourne as well as all your other arborist needs. Our professional arborists will communicate with you until you’re satisfied with the results you need for you and your yard. Talk to our friendly experts at 0424609090 today for a free quote or more information.