Tree Removal Frankston

Our tree removal Frankston services removes dangerous trees before they cause problems for you and your neighbours. Damaged and diseased trees can cause an obstruction in your surrounding area – falling trees also increase the risk of injury to residents and passers-by. Our friendly, down-to-earth experts can help. Our team will assist with your tree removal Frankston needs and any other tree or stump services you need for your yard, including mulching, stump grinding and pruning.

With each job, we pride ourselves on quality service. Our team always conduct a thorough service, and will clean up the after we’re finished leaving your yard spotless. We can cut down trees and remove fallen trees, turning branches and stumps into mulch to reduce waste as much as possible. Let our team handle the whole tree removal process, including permits, equipment, cleanup and more. If you’re looking for a team of tree removalists that truly care about your trees, call Ants Treeworks today.

Why Choose Our Tree Removal Frankston Services?

  • Professionally trained, certified arborists
  • No job too big or too small
  • Clean up after the job is done
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Focused on safety and care
  • Service South and East Melbourne

We offer a wide range of services, including:

Tree Removal

If your trees are getting old or branches are falling off, call one of our arborists in today. We can assess the damage and remove your tree with care and precision, ensuring the safety of your home and family.

Tree Pruning

Sometimes all it take to keep a tree healthy and strong is a bit of regular pruning. Our arborists will prune back the back the branches of your trees, preventing them from falling off and keeping your tree strong and healthy.

Stump Grinding

If you’ve got unwanted tree stumps in your yard, our team can come through and remove them, no worries! Using specialised tools we grind down stumps into nothing, removing them and restoring the beauty of your yard. Get rid of ugly tree stumps today!


We offer a mulching service with all our tree removals, turning branches, chunks and trunks into fresh mulch you can use on your garden. Mulch can improve soil quality, prevent erosion and weed growth and is fantastic for the environment. None of your tree will go to waste, and it will save you money on garden care.

“’Ants Treeworks’ provided a competitive quote. Our preference was for the work to be done ASAP. Staff were prompt, efficient and customer-focused. We are satisfied customers. Thank you.”
– Lynette.

About Our Tree Specialists

Ant and the team here at Ants Treeworks are highly qualified experts in all things trees. We’re certified, qualified, professional arborists with 15 years of practical experience combined with highly specialised knowledge in what makes trees tick. We know the ins and outs of tree biology, so we can address the root cause of your problem as well as deliver the best in practical services for your garden. Our tree specialists will ensure a high standard of service is performed according to your personal needs. Our approachability, our expertise and our qualifications ensure that the job is done well. Our arborist qualifications and years of experience ensures that we will deliver the job to as high a standard a possible for you. So contact Ants for your tree removal Frankston services and more!

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Contact Us For Tree Removal Frankston

If you’re in any need of tree and stump removal, need pruning or mulching done for your trees, feel free to talk to our team at Ants Tree Works. Our dedication to deliver cost-effective solutions as well as high-quality level of work is what sets us apart from other tree removal services in the Frankston area, so feel free to contact us on 1300 006 090.

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