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Greetings from Ants Treeworks, the best provider of tree removal in Brighton, a city well-known for its charming coastal town and gorgeous sandy beaches. With more than 15 years of tree services, we are experts in tree removal works making sure your landscape stay healthy and safe elevating Brighton’s picturesque surroundings.

Our dedicated staff is committed to providing dependable and practical tree removal solutions that are customised to meet your needs. We can help you create more space by removing trees, achieve a clean look by removing stumps, and clearing the surrounding space after the tree works.

Each job we work on at Ants Treeworks demonstrates our dedication to providing excellent client service and best craftsmanship. We put safety and accuracy first to cause the least amount of disturbance to your surroundings and property so you can continue to enjoy your space everlasting beauty and health for many years to come.

Put your faith in our expertise and commitment to provide outstanding tree removal services in Brighton that are customised to meet your needs. Find out why Ants Treeworks is the go-to company for tree removal services in this charming seaside town by getting in touch with us today for a free estimate.

Arborist Services in Brighton

Ants Treeworks offer professional tree removal services in Brighton and surrounding suburbs. We’re a team of highly skilled and qualified arborists. What’s the difference between an arborist and a regular tree removalist, you might ask? The difference is that our friendly, professional arborists have been through a rigorous examination process that results in a certificate proving a high standard of knowledge and skills in all areas of tree work. In short, we know trees, and we know tree removal Brighton.

Tree Cutting in Brighton

Our expert tree-trimming services provide secure and efficient methods for getting rid of unwanted or hazardous trees. With precision and attention, we ensure that your property remains attractive and safe.

Tree pruning in Brighton

With our careful tree pruning services, we can improve the health of your trees and encourage their optimal growth. Our trained arborists ensure the health of your trees by using precise pruning methods tailored to each tree’s specific needs.

Stump Grinding in Brighton

Our stump grinding services effectively remove unattractive stumps, leaving a clear and smooth landscape. We employ modern machines to grind stumps to the ground, restoring the beauty and utility of your outdoor space.

Tree Health Assessments in Brighton

Our comprehensive evaluations offered by our tree health assessment services in Brighton guarantee the longevity and vitality of your trees. Our skilled arborists utilise state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose issues including disease, insect infestations, and structural faults and give tailored solutions to promote tree health. Put your trust in our knowledge to protect the stability and beauty of your Brighton landscape.

Why We’re the #1 Choice for Tree Removal in Brighton

Over 15 Years Of Tree Removal Experience

Fully Licensed and Accredited Tree Removalists

More Than 2000 Satisfied Clients

Always Arrive On Time

100% Customer Satisfaction Rate

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Expert Arborist Solutions in Brighton

Ants Treeworks’ team of licenced arborists is dedicated to offering comprehensive, experienced arborist services in Brighton that are tailored to various tree solutions and landscape improvements. We offer a variety of services with a focus on care and precision, including correct tree removal, routine maintenance, emergency response, preventive health inspections, tree cutting, and tree trimming. As tree service experts, we are proud of our knowledge and commitment to quality.

We have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs, whether you require the precision of tree trimmers, the competence of a tree surgeon, or the skills of tree removers. Our services are not only expertly performed, but also economically priced, ensuring that you will receive good care without exceeding your budget.

We prioritise openness and affordability, so we offer free estimates and fair costs for all of our services. You can count on us to provide exceptional, cost-effective solutions that prioritise the beauty and visual appeal of your landscapes. Make an appointment for a free consultation with us today to witness the difference our knowledgeable arborists can make on your property.

Comprehensive Tree Service in Brighton

Opting for a comprehensive service has numerous benefits:

Holistic Care

We consider all your trees and the surrounding area as a whole, rather than focusing solely on one tree or issue. This thorough approach guarantees that every aspect of your tree care receives attention and proper treatment.


You can rely on dependable, quality service when one firm handles all of your tree care needs. Consistently opting for this approach can greatly influence the preservation of both the health and aesthetic appeal of your trees and surroundings.


Procuring services in bulk frequently prove more cost-effective than engaging multiple vendors individually. Additionally, it saves you the headache and fatigue of managing many contractors.

Trustworthy Relationship

When you hire Ants Treeworks for all of your tree care needs, you build a relationship with a team that is aware of your trees and considerate of your unique needs. This is primarily why we have been the recommended business for tree removal for more than 15 years.

Clean Stump Removal in Brighton

Our stump removal services in Brighton provide a quick and easy way to get rid of fallen tree debris, leaving your property’s landscaping tidy and immaculate. Our skilled crew uses advanced methods and tools to safely and totally remove ugly stumps, removing trip hazards and creating room for fresh landscaping projects. 

Our stump removal experts can tackle any size job with care and precision, whether you’re planning a garden makeover or just want to recover usable space. We are aware of the need for complete stump removal to stop regrowth and reduce the possibility of pests and diseases harming the nearby plants. You can count on us to provide trustworthy and reasonably priced stump removal services that are customised to your unique requirements because we are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. With our stump removal services in Brighton, you can get rid of unsynaptic stumps and hello to an exquisitely revamped outdoor area.


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If you require tree removal in Brighton, our team will be right there to help. Call us any day, from 7am to 7pm and we’ll be there to deliver a fantastic tree removal service. Alternatively, if it’s an emergency, we can provide emergency tree services with an additional after-hours call-out fee.

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Our professional, qualified arborists ensure the highest standard of expert service for your garden needs, including tree removal Brighton. We pride ourselves on a job well done as well as giving you that personal touch. If you’re still not sure, see what others have said about us! Contact our experts today on 0424 609 090 for a consultation, more information or a free quote.

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